3500 North Sherman Boulevard, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216, United States

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Our History

On this site, one of the first Top 40 radio stations in the country was born.

WOKY AM 920 launched in September, 1950. Pop music became the primary component of WOKY's schedule, with disc jockeys choosing the songs they played based on the Billboard and Cash Box best- seller charts and on local record sales.

WOKY was founded by what would become the Bartell Group: Lee, David, Gerald, and Rosa Bartell, began operations on August 31, 1947. The Bartells background in radio started when they worked at the student radio station at UW-Madison.

The Mighty 92

WOKY served as the city's premier Top 40 station during most of the 1960s and 1970s and was known for much of that time as the "Mighty 92.” It broadcast from its headquarters on Sherman Blvd and Fond du Lac Ave in Milwaukee.

Popular disc jockeys on WOKY during the Top 40 years, from the 1950s through the 1970s, included Bob White, "Mad Man" Michaels, "Lucky" Logan, Mitch Michael, Sam Hale, Ron Riley, Bob Barry, Carl Como, Paul Christy, Michael Lee Scott, Jim Brown, Pat McKay, Jack McCoy, Ronnie Knight, Johnny Dark, Craig Roberts, Jack Lee, Robb Edwards, Gary Price, Gene Johnson, Barney Pip and Bob Collins. A popular station catchphrase during the early 1970s was "WOKY Plays Favorites”.

the top 40 sound

For the station owners, the Bartell family, they found that Top 40 radio was more than just a list of the most popular tunes culled from national trade magazines and local record stores. The sound was based on a program or hot clock, which included locally oriented news, DJ chatter, public service announcements, singing commercials, prerecorded station IDs and jungles, and contests and special promotions,

The Bartell stations were among the first local operations to produce and record singing commercials and station jingles.

WOKY was also noteworthy for being the first station in Milwaukee to broadcast traffic reports from a helicopter, courtesy of air personality Art Zander and his feature "The Safer Route.”

The MilWOKY Center is not affiliated with WOKY radio, iHeart Media or Clear Channel Communications.

Our Present and Future

Religious Assemblies


5 different churches meet in the MilWOKY Center, featuring a variety of worship styles.

Professional services


Our facility features social service agencies that conduct family reunification, home health care, as well as counseling services.

Health and beauty


Get prepared for the big event! A full-service salon, a hair braiding studio, clothing boutique and makeup studio all are housed here.